Rise Constructions Qld is involved in various aspects of builds from new homes, renovations to town house builds. It is important for clients to have a structure which helps simplify the process from design to construction and handover.

On our initial site meeting we discuss the clients build budget and desired build features, whether it is through renovating or complete new builds. Once we have established these factors Rise Constructions will tailor an architect to suit your needs.

Following this step: another meeting with the select architect and Nathan Forbes from Rise Constructions is established where we recommend a brainstorm with ideas and design proposals followed by a detail of consultation costs - engineering / certification / architectural fees.

From this point we work towards a set of working drawings whereby an accurate build budget can be determined. Once approved, our architect will pursue honing the finer details of the build:

• cabinetry detail

• window and door detail

• schedule of finishes: floor finishes / tile selection / timber detail

• bathroom and kitchen layout and elevations

Once we finalise the above detail a final build cost is presented to the client. This includes a detailed breakdown of all trades and where each avenue of the build cost is itemised. Once approved we establish a timeframe of the build and start date where Rise Constructions ensures all trades and contractors are available to undertake the works to achieve a seamless build and finish.

Your project will be covered by a 6-month maintenance period and a six-year structural warranty.